Becoming a Photographer – The Raw Materials

Becoming a Photographer – The Raw Materials

Thinking of becoming a photographer? Who earns the right to wheel the title of ‘Photographer’? Is it any Tom, Dick or Harriet who owns a SLR camera or is it more complex? The truth is, it all depends on what the individuals behind the lens sees when they look at a potential ‘Kodak’ moment. Do you see the rolling lush green hills of a country side and think ‘Wow…That’s pretty!’ or do you see the colors melding as one with the greens of the country and the blues of the cobalt sky?

It’s about your perception and how you portray what you see as you click that button. It’s an art form and you are an artist. You must interpret what you see in a way that is meaningful, pleasing to the eye or be able to tell a story. When faced with a scene that is riddled with emotion like a wedding for example, do you rush towards the bride to be the first to shoot her walking down the aisle or do you turn to shoot the overwhelmed groom as he sees his wife-to-be for the first time? Perspective defines becoming a photographer from a casual shooter, a key factor that is often misunderstood.

becoming a photographer 1What is involved in becoming a photographer?

Wikipedia defines Photography as: “the science, art and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation by means of an image sensor.” Basically, Photography is a veritable labyrinth of evolving knowledge because just when you think you have a concept nailed down, there seems to be another more efficient way to do it hence the reason why as a photographer you can never say you truly know it all. Photographers are always learning, always practicing, always shooting… at every angle, light and way imaginable.

You cannot be called a photographer and not own an actual SLR camera (cell phones really don’t count, no matter how great the resolution). That is not to say that becoming a photographer is defined by their camera but it doesn’t hurt to own a good one. You can’t build a house with a cloth and a sewing machine, you need bricks and cement. You also can’t expect to build a house from start to finish when you have a PHD in law. Knowing your craft and having the right tools is what gets you that epic picture that will travel through the centuries, okay maybe not travel that far but it will make your pictures memorable.

Tough truth: Any Photographer worth their salt knows the importance of finding their soul mate in a SLR camera. It’s an extension of your arm so you better make darn sure that it is a perfect fit and match for you. I mean seriously, can you imagine having tentacles or even a hook protruding out your arm! Okay it will work really well if you are Ursula the sea witch or Captain Hook from Never-Never land but I highly doubt you will be able to pick up a spoon let alone a camera.

So you are definitely going to need one of these beauty personified creations, a Canon SLR camera or Nikon SLR camera to better your photography journey and experience. Get yourself ready to be the photographer you need to be… clicking your inner artist free.


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