The Journey to Acquiring my first SLR Digital Camera

The Journey to Acquiring my first SLR Digital Camera

Before we get to the part of acquiring my first SLR Digital Camera, allow me to take you a few steps back. I remember the days when I had a SLR film camera and walking around with packs of spools was part of the package.

As a newbie photographer I knew that I needed to put into practice all I read in order to solidify the skill set, meaning to learn about different apertures I needed to shoot in different depths of field and to test my understanding of exposures I needed to shoot in various lighting conditions. To say this was a tedious exercise would be an understatement of the century.

I would shoot through my spools and make notes in my little book documenting my applications then I would have to scrape money together to take it to be printed. Once pics were printed I would be completely lost as to the order because the printer would only print the pics that were exposed correctly hence my meticulous ministrations would prove useless.

I felt deterred and a little depressed about my chosen vocation at that point. Not going to lie, I just wanted to give up and after a few more half-hearted attempts, thoughts of throwing my camera into the nearest lake or smashing it to smithereens took up most of my waking hours. I felt I was done with photography because it was just proving to be very expensive and not at all as rewarding as I once thought it would be.

Until one day my life changed.

I got my very first ever digital camera and I fell in love. I mean like deeply and irrecoverably in love. I devoted my time to finally putting into practice all I studied and O my goodness! I could see the results immediately. I did many a happy dance and embarrassed myself a few times with my unabashed delightful giggles every time I saw my pics on the screen ( Yes I know, I have issues). My passion for photography came back with a vengeance and I knew I had found my lost appendage…my SLR digital camera. My world had meaning again.

It’s a dramatic memory recollection but you get my drift. The evolution of photography began with the introduction of the digital camera. Don’t get me wrong, my faithful Minolta of old is a great camera and the quality is still unparalleled, however, nothing beats the convenience of a SLR digital camera.

A digital camera was a bit pricey but worth the investment. I have never regretted the choice to go digital and have since upgraded twice. I then went on to invest in good lenses and tripods to complete my kit; now my shots actually look like pictures instead of two-year old drawings.

Photography is an ever evolving craft so I know it will be awhile before I can call myself a professional, however, with the right tools I now feel like I can at least be a contender( like in the next 5-11 years). “With great power comes great responsibility.” So you see, I have to use my photography skills sparingly least I start a war of the photographers…just saying.



  • Gladys Parker says:

    Ah, the age of the digital, a new found hope for even us know nothing, wish we were photographers. I first found you in the beginning and I was looking for a Cannon T3 review. Have you done one, are they even used as of late? Haha Mine has seemed a bit blurry since I bought it and shipping it to Cannon for a hundred dollar bill didn’t seem to help. I will never own a good one again so I’m hoping I have found advice or at least a review. By the way your picture above is beautiful and your composition was right on point.

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