Still considering owning your very own Canon T5i Bundle?

Still considering owning your very own Canon T5i Bundle?

Thinking of owning your own Canon T5i Bundle? Today, technological advancements are on a whole other level. The type and quality of photos from the old days are now history. Thanks to the technology, a low-end camera can take better pictures than what was in use back then. People usually choose a DSLR when taking photos than regular digital cameras. It is the reason why the market share of DSLR cameras has increased tremendously. If you go window shopping, you will notice different kinds of DSLR cameras made by different companies. One of the popular manufacturers is Canon.

There have been several types of DSLR cameras made by Canon, but the Canon T5i bundle is the replacement of the Canon Eos Rebel T4i which was discontinued. The differences between them are just the price and kit lens option, and small enhancements were made including grip and a new finish. There is a 360-degree rotation mode, real time shooting which uses creative filters in live view preview.

Enough can’t be said about the Canon camera, as it comes with a lot of amazing features. The kit alone contains 17 items, yes I know right; it means you don’t have to purchase any extra accessories. You don’t have to fret if you’re a new photographer; it comes with everything you will need as a beginner. At the same time, it has complicated accessories for experienced photographers.

The camera is amazing. It captures fantastic pictures, also at night as it has better macros. Just leaving it at the standard settings blows everything, now think about it, what do you think happens when you get to the manual features. There are different advanced features not explored! I mean, the image stabilization and auto-focus are next to perfect.

The face detection picks up just about anything, even a dog’s face! Also, its performance with subjects that are nearby, like flowers and bugs is excellent. The images are clear and crisps you can almost feel it. Now you wonder how the video might be. It is entirely perfect for videos; there is, of course, no complaint there. You can shoot with the built-in stereo a full HD movie mode.

Now we might want to get worried about the price, a cheap Canon T5i bundle costs $699, and it is made with two lenses—the EF 18-55mm IS Zoom STM lens with f/3.5-5.6mm and the EF 75-300mm III Zoom Telephoto Lens with f/4-5.6mm. Everything else comes free: carrying case, two batteries, tripod, cleaning kit, 32 GB memory card and a lot more. If shipped, it is kept in a huge box with everything wrapped individually for safety purpose.

The issues users tend to have is about the tripod, as it is somehow light. Some users can’t bring themselves to use the tripod as it is way lighter than the camera. Because of the weight difference, the tripod tends to tilt over sometimes. But you will be pleased with the rest accessories and their quality. The T5i bundle is that beauty you want to hold and cherish! It is a great deal for an amazing bundle.


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